Colostrum Bank Donations

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Millbrook Equine and Rhinebeck Equine are working together to make a colostrum bank available to local breeding farms. In order to make it successful, we need your help! Your donation to the bank will ensure that we have colostrum on hand for all foals in need.

When you donate to our bank, the colostrum will be tested to ensure its quality. The amount that you donate will always be available to you free of charge. If you need more than you have donated, colostrum will be available at $50/pint, which can be refunded if you donate back. Net proceeds from the program will be donated to Akindale Thoroughbred Rescue.


Wash the mare’s udder with warm soapy water. Collect 500mL (16oz) from one side, leaving the other side for her foal. Collection should be done soon after foaling and before the foal nurses. If the foal appears weak or in distress, do not collect any colostrum.

Ideally, the colostrum should be strained through gauze prior to storage in a sealed plastic bottle labelled with the mare’s name and the date collected. Please avoid ziptop or other plastic bags as these can puncture after freezing. A small sample (1-2mL) should be reserved and refrigerated for testing, and the rest should be frozen for storage until it can be transferred to our bank. Colostrum can also be stored up to 24h in the refrigerator prior to freezing, if necessary.

Colostrum of poor quality or insufficient quantity should not be collected. It is not recommended to collect or bank colostrum from the following types of mares:

  • Maiden Mares
  • Mares that are poor milk producers
  • Mares that have previously had foals with low IgG tests
  • Mares that have dripped or leaked significant quantities of colostrum prior to foaling
  • Mares diagnosed with placentitis
  • NI-positive mares

Kits for colostrum storage are available at Millbrook or Rhinebeck Equine; frozen colostrum can also be dropped off at either location. If you have any further questions, please contact Dr. Alana King at Millbrook Equine (845) 677-5500 or Dr. Laura Javsicas at Rhinebeck Equine (845) 876-7085.