Preventative Health Care Packages

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Our health care packages are designed to be affordable and customizable to your horse’s needs. We will again be offering a Preventative Health Care Package this year. Designed to help detect problems before your horse starts to show signs that something is wrong, this package provides you with more than $100 in savings and includes: 

Preventative Health Care Package:

Complete physical exam

Coggins test

Fecal Egg Count for parasites

CBC/Chemistry Blood panel

Fibrinogen level (an indicator of inflammation)

New this year, we will also offer an Endocrine Health Care Package, perfect for those horses at risk of or being treated for Equine Metabolic Syndrome or Pars Pituitary Intermedia Dysfunction (PPID; Cushing’s Disease). This package provides over $100 in savings and includes: 

Endocrine Health Care Package:

Complete physical exam

ACTH, Insulin, T4

CBC/Chemistry Blood panel

Fibrinogen level

A Lyme Multiplex test can be added to either of these packages at a 10% discount.

Please see the vaccine clinic schedule on our event calendar and call our office to set up an appointment. Please let the receptionist know if you are interested in an annual exam for your horse or one of our Health Care Packages– if it is not scheduled in advance we may not have time to complete the exam and additional testing. Please contact us for more information!