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Spring Vaccine Schedule- Dutchess NW

April 4

Today we will be in Tivoli, Red Hook, Rhinebeck, Salt Point, Staatsburg, Hyde Park, Stanfordville, & Clinton Corners 

Once again we are offering vaccine clinics with a reduced call charge of $15 per owner. These calls are only for routine preventative care, vaccines, including the Health Care Packages, other lab work, and floating of teeth. We are committed to keeping important preventative care affordable. In return, we must ask for payment at the time services are provided.  Due to the nature of the clinic days we will try, but cannot promise, to accommodate time constraints. Please allow your schedule to be flexible on the day of your appointment. If your horse’s Coggins test requires new digital photos, please be sure he/she is clean and all markings are readily visible. Horses with photos in our archive can be as dirty as you like!

Vaccines protect horses from disease by increasing circulating levels of antibodies in their blood. Most vaccines require two doses a few weeks apart when given for the first time. Thereafter, boosters are required to maintain immunity each year. We recommend that all horses are vaccinated against Eastern Equine Encephalomyelitis (EEE), Western Equine  Encephalomyelitis (WEE), Tetanus, West Nile Virus, PHF, and Rabies. Depending on travel, management, reproductive use, or outbreaks of disease, vaccination against Influenza, Herpes Virus 1 & 4, Strangles, Lyme Disease, Leptospirosis, and Botulism, should be added to this core group. Please remember that a horse’s immune system becomes weaker as they age, making older horses more susceptible, not less, to infection and increasing the need for proper vaccination.

Please schedule appointments in advance! Payment is expected at the time of service. 

Please ask about our Preventative Health Care Packages. 

To Schedule appointments with:

Drs. Mountan & Mort:

– Jeannie 845-876-7085 x1023 or Jeannie@rhinebeckequine.com

Drs. Deibel, Williams, Shores

– Roberta 845-876-7085 x1002 or Roberta@rhinebeckequine.com

Dr. Sotela

– Liz 845-876-7085 x1024 or Liz@rhinebeckequine.com


Rhinebeck Equine


Tivoli, Red Hook, Rhinebeck, Salt Point, Staatsburg, Hyde Park, Stanfordville, & Clinton Corners