Rhinebeck Equine LLP offers four recently graduated veterinarians the opportunity for an intense year of clinical experience in an equine private practice setting with both ambulatory and referral hospital services. Interns gain all the necessary skills to be successful equine practitioners while under the guidance of our experienced veterinarians.

Our interns rotate through surgical, internal medicine, and ambulatory services. Independent emergency coverage begins after appropriate training and orientation. The internship will provide excellent preparation for individuals seeking admission to residency programs or a career in general equine practice.

We also offer an extern program for veterinary students wishing to spend 1-4 weeks at our practice exploring equine medicine and surgery. An externship is a prerequisite for applying for an internship. Drs. Javsicas and Sotela coordinate the internship and externship programs at Rhinebeck Equine.

Past Intern Doctors

2016 – 2017

2015 – 2016

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